Fortnite’s Season 7 brings new content for Battle Royale and Save the World, introduces Creative mode

And this fad can end any time now, I'm not going to lie.

Fortnite has received an update of titanic proportions with the commencement of Season 7, bringing with it new content and features for both Battle Royale and Save the World as well as introducing the much awaited Creative mode. Battle Royale players are now able to savagely murder each other in exotic new locales and in new and interesting ways. A massive iceberg has collided with the Battle Royale island, creating some frosty new areas for players to explore, and the introduction of the new X-4 Stormwing plane will allow players to take to the skies for airborne assaults.

Meanwhile, in Save the World, players have brand-new quests to complete, new areas to explore, and of course new rewards to earn with the introduction of Canny Valley Act 3. This content update also brings the long-running Stand and Fight campaign to its riveting conclusion, though there’s no word yet of what’s in store for the future of Save the World.

And for players who would rather create than destroy, there’s the new Fortnite Creative mode, which gives players private islands on which to bring their wildest imaginations to life, either by themselves or with friends. For the first week of the mode’s introduction, only Battle Pass owners will have access to their Creative islands, but the mode will be unlocked for everyone on December 13th.

Fortnite isn’t the only thing that Epic Games has been working on lately, though; the studio is also still in the process of preparing the Epic Game Store for its 2019 release. Recently, Epic’s Sergey Galyonkin — best known as the creator of Steam Spy — sat down to talk a bit about his philosophy in bringing the Epic Game Store to life in a way that he hopes will allow it to go toe-to-toe with Steam. One of the store’s major departures from Steam’s design standard will be its lack of forums and other social and community features: “Not a single developer I talked to wanted forums,” Galyonkin says, citing “the toxicity it brings.” If you’re interested to know more about the Epic Games Store and how it plans to differentiate itself from Valve’s industry giant, you can check out the full interview with Galyonkin over at Kotaku.

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While they should be commended for their creativity, Epic really is making it difficult for there to be any sort of serious competitive atmosphere if they’re going to make such massive changes on a regular basis.

I guess they’re just trying to do whatever they can to try and maintain the short attention span of children while trying not to piss off their “pros” too hard.

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The game hardly works competitively anyway. You have 100 people in a room. All have to have a covered space so people don’t look. All LANed so no funny business. The game just doesn’t flow very well in a serious way for a viewer. Which is why we aren’t seeing them every day – because the interest is there. It is endlessly more difficult to pull off than say 10 guys 2v2 on a moba.

That said – they are doing everything right at the moment – anything we give towards advice to Epic is moot really. They have the fire. Changing the game every 5 weeks is the only thing keeping it fresh.

esports doesn’t make developers jack shit anyway. It’s just a promo tool. They have all the biggest streamers they don’t need esports. God, I feel silly talking about esports seriously.

I don’t think they are too worried about pissing off pros. By all reports they are making a good deal of money on the game right now.