Winter festivities descend on both classic EverQuest and EverQuest II


Daybreak is rolling Christmas out to its classic MMORPGs this week – yes, we call EverQuest I a classic, but really, EverQuest II, which launched in 2004, is in the same age bracket now too.

In original-flavor EQ, Frostfell runs until January 7th. Players will need to find the Frostfell Goblin to begin the Upgrading Stockings” questline and get to questing. A second round of quests runs from the 21st to 30th. Naturally, Santug Claugg is bringing gifts starting on Christmas Eve.

In EQII, the events began this week and are live through January 3rd, with new quests, new craftable items, Santa Glug, and the eternal chocolate coin collecting quest. Folks on the Fallen Gate progression server can even take part in some of the events. Massively OP’s MJ took a dip into the EverQuest II branch of the holidays last night; you can check that out on Twitch!

Source: EQ, EQ2
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I think you should reserve the term ‘Classic’ for those products that are providing an experience that is the same as it was at launch. I can assure you that neither EQ1 nor EQ2 are anything like they were at launch; not even close.

Since ‘Classic’ is being used generally now to mean a specific launch style experience, it is disingenuous to use that term for these games.

Just my 2c.

Toy Clown

Perhaps antique is a better word? xD


I would probably have just used ‘EQ1’ and ‘EQ2’ and left it at that. The current EQ1 is far closer to WoW mechanics today than it is to the original launch EQ1. About the only thing that is ‘antique’ is the graphics.