Final Fantasy XIV brings UI transparency and random favorite mounts in patch 4.5

Let's put things back together.

The second part of the previews for Final Fantasy XIV’s next major patch (and last one before its third expansion) will be taking place on December 21st, but we already know at least a few of the quality-of-life features arriving with the update. For starters, players can make better use of the mount and minion favorite system with the addition of a favorite mount and minion roulette; it’s a toggle switch, so that your random mount or minion will always be picked out of your favorites if you so desire.

Players will also be able to play with UI transparency, so you can have UI elements on the screen without being fully opaque. And challenge hunters can filter the challenge log down to incomplete or completed entries, so you can use that to decide if you really want to do another roulette this week based on your challenge completion. It’s not mechanical changes, but they should all make the game a little more comfortable to play.

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Steven Williams

The challenge log filters are a godsend.


Thank god for favorite mounts, it annoys me when I get certain giant bulky eyesores as I randomly mount up.