Lord of the Rings Online offers an everything-in-one $200 bundle


There’s a pretty strong opinion out there that Lord of the Rings Online’s lifetime subscription was one of the best such subs in the industry, at least if you had the foresight to buy it early on and then play the crap out of this MMO over its long life. And while players haven’t been able to buy this for many years now, LOTRO has made something similar available for a limited time.

Called the Legacy Bundle, this $200 package permanently unlocks every single quest in the game, including all of the zone packs and expansions to date. In addition, players will get a year of VIP membership (which includes a monthly 500 LP stipend), all regions, all instances, and a Crystal of Remembrance for all character.

To further sweeten this deal, Standing Stone Games is prepared to offer a single-use legacy package, which includes (among other things) a premium wallet, riding skill, 250 mithril coins, a fast goat mount, another fast mount, and a housing kit. Worth it alone for the hedgehog house, really.

SSG fans will recall that Dungeons and Dragons Online this week released a similar buyable package, our readers seemed unimpressed with the offerings and the $299 pricetag.

Source: LOTRO. Cheers, Matthew!
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