Latest Sea of Thieves developer update video addresses Shrouded Spoils feedback and achievement rebalance


It’s been a little over a week since Sea of Thieves launched its Shrouded Spoils update, and while Executive Producer Joe Neate says that player response has been “super positive,” the devs are still looking into making a few tweaks based on the feedback they’ve received. In the latest developer update video, Neate says that the team is currently in the process of assessing the frequency with which skeleton forts and krakens appear. In addition, the devs are taking a look at the difficulty of the Devil’s Roar, which they dialed down a bit in preparation for launch, though they fear they may have taken it a bit too far.

Neate also comments on the achievement rebalance that took place with Shrouded Spoils’s launch and the effect that it’s had on players trying to earn the Overachiever Sails. In short, some players who have been working toward completing achievements to earn the sails have found themselves unable to do so, but the team wants to make sure that their hard work isn’t in vain. To that end, any players who “achieve any one of [the] rebalanced achievements” by the 14th of December will be eligible to earn the sails. For the full details on Shrouded Spoils’s one-week check-in, you can watch the whole developer update video just below.

Source: YouTube

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