Warframe garners over a million downloads on Switch, previews second wave of Fortuna content


The folks at Digital Extremes are sending 2018 out with a bang, it seems, as they’ve just announced that Warframe has received over a million downloads on the Nintendo Switch since it launched late last month. The Switch isn’t the only console getting attention from the devs, however, as they also announced on the latest devstream that the major Fortuna update, which went live on PC last month, will be hitting the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game on December 10th.

Meanwhile, in the PC version, the team is gearing up to release the “second wave of Fortuna content,” which should be coming “by the end of the year.” When that update goes live, players will be able to track and rescue new conservation animals, participate in the first Orb Heist, and unlock the newest warframe, Baruuk. The latest dev update also announces that Wukong is “on the list to be revised,” and the devs are hoping to time his revision to release at the same time as his upcoming deluxe skin. Also coming this month, on December 18th, is the new Mesa Prime warframe, which will be released alongside Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime.

To get all the details on Warframe’s end-of-year content, and to check out a preview of the new Baruuk warframe, you can check out the full dev blog over on the game’s official site.

Source: Press Release, Official Site. Cheers, Sophiskiai!

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Grats DE!


It’s funny, Warframe isn’t in my favorite genre but I’ve played it more hours than any other game ever.

I have been semi burnt out on it by this point though I still do return every once and a while. Personally I really like when they do story content more than the new open world stuff – but their story stuff is pretty far and in between sadly.

I don’t want to spoil anything as the story lines are some of the best I’ve experienced playing through in a game, at least those along the main story that you go through.

I guess part of it is that there are so many different ways to play the game, the modes and frames really play differently in it, so it kept me going and playing where I may have quit another game out of boredom otherwise.

Well congrats to them for still doing well and putting lots of new stuff into the game all the time.


The Second Dream is simply the best quest I have played in 30+ years of computer gaming.

That end, wow. Never before and never after I sat in front of my screen ravished by a storyline like that. I can watch playthroughs of that quest on youtube even now and re-feel that moment.

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Alex Willis

I needed a drink and a quiet moment after The Second Dream. It almost made me cry. So fucking awesome.


Yes the The Second Dream is up there, no question. For me though i’m still partial with The War Within, but only by smidge.

If i had to decide between the two, i couldn’t it’d be a tie. The Second Dream is heavy story driven obv with a huge wow factor, were The War Within kicked the game off for me and paved the way for story. The War Within also had much more gameplay involvement throughout, i liked that involvement from the player.