Population Zero is an upcoming crafting-survival MMO inspired by classic sci-fi


Survival crafting games are all the rage these days, it seems, and the genre’s about to get just a little bit bigger with the introduction of Enplex Games’s upcoming title Population Zero. Inspired by classic sci-fi adventures, Population Zero sets players loose on a bizarre and fantastical alien world, where they must gather resources, establish habitats, and work to survive the threats presented by the strange, new land.

Would-be colonists will have to contend not only with the unforgiving environment and alien wildlife but with each other, as well. Players “will be divided into colonies and factions,” each with “its own philosophy, separate subject lines and unique abilities,” which will have to compete with one another for territory, resources, and technology. Of course, conflict isn’t the only path to success; players can also form alliances and band together to brave the frontier together.

Population Zero is currently in closed pre-alpha testing, but fans who want to show their support (and get a head-start in the game) can already purchase one of three Founder’s Packs, each with its own array of unique in-game rewards: The Commander pack ($80 US) provides immediate access to pre-alpha testing and all future testing phases, while the Sentinels pack ($50 US) grants access to the upcoming alpha test, and the Pioneer pack ($20) will provide access to the following closed beta test. To learn more, just head on over to the game’s official site.

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