EVE Online: Operation Permafrost, the Alaska cruise, and getting your wardec on

Capital city.

EVE Online is a hoppin’ place right now, in spite of the Project Nova downer. For starters, holiday login gifts start rolling out today, while Operation Permafrost kicks off in a week.

“The Operation Permafrost event promises new and exciting challenges, visuals and content! Enjoy exclusive rewards such as blueprints for brand new Mordu’s Legion and Frostline modules, exclusive Operation Permafrost SKINs, as well as limited time Boosters and Cerebral Accelerators. An unknown third party has enlisted your help in disrupting ORE Frostline’s operations around the northern polar regions of a mysterious ice dwarf, but beware of the Mordu’s Legion ships protecting them!”

Do note you’ll need to log in on 13 different days over the December 11-28 event to collect all the freebies, and the thing you’re gonna wanna pay particular attention to is the exclusive booster for Omegas, which essentially allows you three uses of skill injectors without any diminishing returns. As The Ancient Gaming Noob explains, ” An injector holds 500K skill points, but if you have over 80 million SP you only get 150K.” The removal of diminishing returns is a big deal.

CCP’s also detailed the wardec changes on the way in the December update.

Finally, some EVE players are plotting a week-long cruise in Alaska this summer, in conjunction with an EVE-themed Seattle meet-up and swag. It’s not cheap – at minimum it looks like it’d run you $2000 on up from there – but it looks fun, and that’s exactly the right time to go to Alaska.

Source: Cruise, holiday stuff, wardecs. Thanks, Wilhelm and Mailvatar!
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