Camelot Unchained teases ‘epic siege battles’ as beta development continues


Hey, old school Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer fans, you might want to take a peek at the latest Camelot Unchained studio report. It sounds like siege content is ramping up in development in the game’s current beta one phase.

“We’ve been focused on buildings as of late, more specifically, building destruction,” City State Entertainment’s Tyler Rockwell says. “Ben and Mark have been working on further design for sieges and how various siege engines will work in CU. This work lays the foundation for epic siege battles!”

“We’re working on how animations work with siege entities, starting with the existing Scorpions. Players will properly play the correct animation to ‘attach’ to the Scorpion, and instead of walking in place, characters will animate side-stepping as they aim. This work shows us the path to making our animations work with incoming new siege engines (you didn’t think for a second that we weren’t going to have a lot of cool siege weapons, did you?).”

The dev blog also discusses mesh work, the animation 2.0 system, work on refitting armor to fit female toons, new icons, the UI foundation, and base nude skins. Those are Luchorpán in the header pic, if you wondered!

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