Elder Scrolls Online attempts to fix lag as fans petition to immortalize Grandma Shirley in TES6


Update 4.2.11 is live for The Elder Scrolls Online, bringing with it some improvements for the game’s Mac client as well as a sprinkling of other minor fixes. Following the update, the Silver Dawn Motif is now correctly guaranteed to drop “after completing Veteran Moon Hunter Keep on Hard Mode,” and a UI issue that prevented certain abilities from properly updating in the skills menu following a level-up has been fixed. In addition, the ESO client has received some “small optimizations” that should improve players’ framerates when the game’s graphics-quality setting is set to ultra.

The patch notes, interestingly, have also caused a bit of controversy within the community thanks to a line reading, “If you having lag problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 megabytes and this patch is one,” which some players have interpreted as poking fun at those experiencing frequent lag and disconnects.

And in Elder Scrolls community news, gamers have banded together to spread a Change.org petition to immortalize YouTuber and Elder Scrolls fan Shirley Curry in the next Elder Scrolls game. Curry, perhaps better known within the gaming community as Grandma Shirley, is an 82-year-old gamer who rose to internet stardom through the popularity of her videos of Skyrim gameplay accompanied by her fresh, wholesome commentary. The petition is not without precedent, as Bethesda previously added the character Erik the Slayer to Skyrim in honor of another fan, Erik West. The petition is currently at 39,796 signatures of its 50,000-signature goal.

Source: Patch Notes, Change.org. Thanks, Chris and Littlebugbear!
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