EVE Online’s December patch brings in wardec changes and continual login rewards

Sure, why not.

It’s time for the last big update of the year for EVE Online, but it’s a big one. The previously discussed changes to war declarations (or wardecs if you’re into the brevity thing) arrive today, along with new logistics cruisers, UI changes, and auroras showing up at the poles of certain planets. All of which should make the spaceways a bit more fun to navigate and a bit less prone to griefing for its own sake.

Players will also want to keep logging in regularly from December 11th through December 28th, as there are a variety of special rewards available to players who maintain a series of logins over that course of time. There are new SKINs for ships, facial decorations, and some special skill injectors specifically for Omega players. Fun new facial decorations and no one declaring war on new players just to grief them, that’s the true meaning of Space Christmas. (Like regular Christmas, but it’s in space.)


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