EverQuest: The Burning Lands has launched

Stone city.

Well, it’s time for another EverQuest expansion, go have fun. Yes, perhaps we don’t sound very excited here, but that’s not because of lack of affection; it’s because The Burning Lands is the title’s 25th such expansion, and so it may be comfortably assumed by this point that the development team knows what it’s doing. And if you’re playing the game, you’re not going to be deterred by a $35 base price for the expansion because this is just what you need to do now.

So you’ll be saddling up to dive into the elemental planes, or perhaps some of the older expansions first (this latest purchase contains all of the prior expansion content as well, for the record). Did you guess that there would be new creatures to fight, new items to acquire, and new quests to be undertaken? Yes, you likely did. Again, it’s the 25th expansion; there are standards at this point. Get ready for the newest adventure!

Source: Twitter
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