Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Jedi Under Siege update goes live today


You’ll never guess what’s happening to whom in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s newest update, Jedi Under Siege. Believe it or not, the Jedi are — get this — under siege. For real. Oh, you knew that already? Fine, spoil all our fun.

Nevertheless, the update is expected to go live this afternoon (literally around noon EST!), and it brings with it a brand new zone, a new master mode operation, a slew of new guild features, and much, much more. Perhaps the highlight of the update is the continuation of BioWare’s epic Star Wars saga, which picks up on the “desolate Jedi planet” Ossus, where new storylines will allow players to either “fight for [their] original faction . . . or secretly change [their] loyalties and undermine [their] former allies at every turn.”

The game’s guild system will receive lots of love as well: There’s now a guild progression system, and as guilds level up, they can unlock new guild perks that can be slotted “into various rooms on their Guild Flagship,” thus providing an array of bonuses such as “higher XP, CXP, and Reputation rewards.”

And players looking for the ultimate challenge will find it in the new master mode of the Gods from the Machine operation. Those who are able to band together and triumph over the operation’s five uber-tough bosses will be handsomely rewarded with resources that can be used to craft powerful masterwork armor. Good luck, players, and may the force be with you.

Yeah, it’s not going so great. As MOP tipster Khalith noted, the update is suffering some issues.

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Giving it a go, I haven’t played in a few years.


So did the empire side of things and… it was over faster than I anticipated, with a reward consisting of two-three dailies available amounting to repeating exactly what the very short questline had me doing

Ossus looks decent but hardly impressive, I’d call it a downgrade from what we had in even recent times. It’s just the opening act of a new chapter I can gather, although it’s a very weak drop without a flashpoint to pony up and climax the storyline…and I am not sure how long until we can get another snippet of content with actual substance

Characters were pleasnt at least but I am mildly disappointed. Will try out how things work on republic side next I suppose, not like there’s… much else to chase heh


The art direction they chose for this game is aging badly IMO…


Wait – so they added open space and atmospheric ship flight and combat…oh, wait…

Looks like EA is taking cues from EVE Online trailers IE – Weave an interesting story that you unfortunately CAN’T execute in the game as it is; but yeah, it sure LOOKS good.

Fred Douglas

That trailer was actually really good. Give the unpaid intern a box of donuts for that.

Randy Savage

SWTOR really is a WoW clone after all… their trailers are better than the actual game!