Pantheon’s full world begins to emerge as pre-alpha winds down


One of the big hopes of the future of the MMO genre is finally putting all of its pieces together. Pantheon announced in its December newsletter that for the first time it is “bringing together the full Pantheon experience” in what’s being dubbed Project Faerthale. This phase will be focused on making a build that’s a “full world” rather than a game and will be marked by a lack of testing while the team bears down on it.

Visionary Realms is expanding to make Faerthale happen with the addition of a new lead animator, concept artist, and character artist. The newsletter also went in-depth on the tree-like Spriggan race and shared some tester feedback and favorite moments from the pre-alpha period. “I can’t explain how great it feels to dungeon crawl in an open world setting with a group of buddies. It’s very refreshing,” said one tester.

Another chimed in: “From the inside looking out, I can tell you first-hand that between each of the pre-alpha sessions there have been leaps and bounds of progress made towards the end goal. Yes the game is still way early in development, but the progress being made is unreal.”

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