Population Zero starts selling founder’s packs, lays out 2019 testing schedule


Russian-made survival MMO Population Zero plans to head into alpha testing at the start of 2019 — and hopes to end the year with a full-fledged launch of some sort. Enplex Games is hoping to stir up hype this week with a press push now that the title is ready to show off to the world.

The studio firmly establishes its claim that Population Zero will be distinctive and different than the other survival multiplayer titles flooding the market. Some of the key features include a hand-crafted world, factions, a “refined” guild system, easy-to-learn crafting and building, and narrative storytelling inspired by classic science fiction. The alpha is scheduled to begin in January, followed by closed beta in Q2 2019 and an open beta by next fall.

You can sign up for a chance at a testing key, although if you want to a better chance at the alpha and guaranteed beta access, a founder’s pack purchase is required.

Source: Press release
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Robert Mann

Is it just me, or is this a potential winner of a worst name award? Population Zero isn’t exactly an inspiration to people looking to play a game with other people in it, right?

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Companies should worry about people wanting to play their game before they worry about selling founder’s packs. And if you don’t have funding secured? Don’t make your bad game.