Worlds Adrift toggles on proximity-based voice chat, engine overheating, and ciphers


You couldn’t get enough of mouth-breathing and kids yelling at their mothers in some state far away from you in Fallout 76, and now you can get that sort of proximity-based voice chat in Worlds Adrift! Well, let’s hope it’s a tad better handled in this sandbox game.

Actually, ignore our little snark here. Worlds Adrift actually did its community a big favor by delivering the sizable Update 29 this week. In addition to the voice chat thing (and yes, there’s a “mute others” option), the Will of the Council update brings huge performance improvements, the ability to paint ship parts, the introduction of cipher devices, the option to split inventory stacks, the debut of engine overheating, and plenty of fun Christmas holiday cosmetics.

“Will of the Council is the result of priorities elected by the Community Cloud Council (aka CCC — a council made of Worlds Adrift players) in concert with the development team, who pulled no stops to implement such large changes to the game in record time in a bid to elevate the quality of Worlds to new heights,” the team noted.

Source: Patch notes

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This game has some fun bits but other parts feel like the devs hate their players. My two most common lines while playing.
1) What I can’t do that why not? That makes no sense theirs no reason to not let me do that.
2) Really I’m dead? That killed me really!