Final Fantasy XIV unveils its site for patch 4.5


The only way to the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion is through the last patch of this expansion, just like the only way to reach Ilsabard through Aldenard is through Ghimlyt. A combination of aetheroclimatic conditions and the local terrain make the area into a foreboding and dark landscape, but players will need to pass through as the centerpiece of the upcoming patch 4.5. Of course, since that means invading the Empire from the Ala Mhigan side, you can be relatively sure that there will be a force of Garlean troops eager to repulse the would-be invaders…

Players can also learn a few more hints about the lore behind Blue Mage (apparently the art originates in the New World off to the West) and confirmation that the Garleans are also pushing forward into Ala Mhigo in retaliation. Check out the full special site for more screenshots and teases about the patch; we’ll no doubt learn more with the next live letter from Naoki Yoshida on December 21st.

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Any prerequisites to unlock Blue Mage?

Kickstarter Donor

Pretty sure it’s the same as Red Mage and Samurai, just having any other class at level 50.

Coldrun ??

I’m so psyched to try out blue mage! It looks like a blast.

Dankey Kang

I always wanted to play a Blue Mage. Gonna be really disappointed if this turns out to be a limp-dick class.