Otherland discusses the process of improving visuals and performance at the same time

This one hurts.

Graphical quality is an ongoing struggle. On the one hand, developers want to make the prettiest game possible; on the other hand, no one wants the game to perform like a slideshow due to graphics. So it’s understandable why Otherland’s developers would be crowing about managing to make the game both look better and perform better in the same set of improvements. And all of that started with the time-honored tradition of uncapping the frame rate from its locked state at 30 FPS.

While adding the possibility of higher frame rates helped at the high end, the next step was adjusting certain assets and the models involved to make various components less demanding to display. It also involved adjusting the ground-based models and landscape elements, reducing overall load while improving the effective performance. Check out the full walkthrough to see how the team achieved this particular milestone, although it sadly lacks before-and-after comparison shots.

Source: Facebook. Thanks, Castagere!
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Castagere Shaikura

The game has really changed since launch. You just have to get through that long tutorial zone to really see what the game is about. And it didn’t help that it was buggy back them. The one change for the better is when you finally get to the end of it you now just zone out instead of trying to click on the buggy portal. That’s where most people gave up in frustration and quit the game.

I think I like it so much because it’s really unique. It’s nothing like anything else out there. Portals to very different period zones are so cool to me. Some fantasy others very sifi and everything in between. It’s a small dev team doing the work under their own game company. It’s rare when devs get to take back their game and have control. I just hope it keeps improving. Once I got to Lambda mall I was hooked.

James Crow

the game had great potential and beautiful uniqe world but the gameplay was one of the bad mmos i played.

i really think they need to make new otherworld game from scratch with real action combat

Castagere Shaikura

Thanks for posting about this game. I know it was really bad at launch and all the stuff they had to deal with sharaholders and publishers. But once you get into the game proper today it’s really playable and unique.

With all the stuff going on with AAA companies and how they treat their costumers even though Otherland was really bad at launch they are still trying to make it work.
Today to see a small company try to make something of it is a good thing too me.


Haven’t tried since launch when it was unplayable. I like the concept of the game & maybe I’ll give it another shot sometime during my 3 month winter holiday.