Daybreak isn’t abandoning PlanetSide 2 just because PlanetSide Arena is cooking

And then there was the time we shot them. And the time they shot us. And... that's it, really.

You might have wondered about the status of PlanetSide 2 now that Daybreak has announced PlanetSide Arena. After all, just ask PlanetSide 1 fans how much attention their game got once the new shiny arrived. But yesterday, PlanetSide 2 producer Nick Silva hastened to tell fans of the sandbox MMOFPS that its days are not in fact numbered.

“The PlanetSide 2 Development Team remains dedicated to developing, supporting, and improving PlanetSide 2,” he writes. “Our content plans for 2019 include the upcoming continent Oshur, the Nanite Systems Operatives faction, and more. This game remains our focus and our priority.”

In fact, it sort of sounds as if PlanetSide is 2 is banking on an influx of players to the franchise as well as shared assets and infrastructure.

“The main difference going forward is that the PlanetSide Arena team is also using our Forgelight engine, which means the work they do, and the improvements and upgrades they make, can also come over to PlanetSide 2. For example, the port to the DirectX 11 renderer is going to be a huge improvement, which is already priming PlanetSide 2 for better, more beautiful future.”

In fact, that DirectX 11 upgrade is apparently slated for the test server soon.

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