Dungeons and Dragons Online sells out $300 season passes, talks Sharn expansion


Wondering just who — if anyone — would plop down $300 for a two-year “season pass” to Dungeons and Dragons Online? Turns out that there were at least 1,000 dedicated players who took Standing Stone Games’ bait, because the limited-edition passes are now sold out, and SSG is $300,000 richer for it.

Those players and the rest have a bright 2019 to anticipate, as SSG is finishing up work on spring’s¬†Sharn expansion. Talking to Dragon+ magazine, the studio¬†outlined the adventures to come with this “towering, vertical metropolis.” Players will start at the bottom in the slums and work their way to the much more affluent top.

Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini said that there will be more interesting villains, raid content, the Tiefling race, and an adventure area. “Going from all the way down in the very bowels of the city into the highest echelons where players will deal with the nobles offers a great variety of storylines,” he teased.

Source: Twitter, Dragon+. Thanks DDOCentral!
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