The Repopulation’s long-awaited update is arriving December 18

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Yes, you’re getting an update to game mechanics in The Repopulation for this holiday season. And that’s the true meaning of Christmas, patches for The Repopulation. It makes more sense now than when the holiday started being celebrated. Especially when you consider that it feels as if this patch has been waiting for half of forever, but it’s finally arriving on December 18th, meaning that everyone can see how the game has changed under the control of Idea Fabrik.

So what has actually changed? The game’s combat system has seen extensive overhauls, for one thing. Several performance issues have also been addressed, in-game areas have been rebuilt, and everything from crafting to faction mechanics have been updated. It’s a pretty big re-evaluation of the game, which is why the plans for the first quarter of 2019 chiefly revolve around finding and fixing any issues related to this update. But it’s finally arriving, and you can see how it worked out for yourself on December 18th.

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Sarrene Grant

For those interested or just curious, we just posted the Patch Notes. They can be seen here:


Reading The Repopulation news about updates on their official site is so freaking confusing. You really don’t have clue if they are talking about actual update, work in progress or plans. I still have no clue what are they actually implementing today. Is it so difficult to simply list the changes like other companies are doing, instead of using fancy subtitles where you actually have to guess what do they mean by them and linking to articles from the beginning of 2018?
Sometimes simple is better (eg. Update xx and list of changes)

Sarrene Grant

For us, we generally make an article post that goes into a bit more of what we did on a human level and then post up the patch notes. That is just an article not our patch notes. The article states, “What has been done so far:” This is a generalized overview of what was done for the update. You can view the actual patch notes for more detailed information.

We did post them up just a bit ago, so you can find those in the link I provided above. Here is that link again:

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. I am always happy to try to answer the best I am able.


I’ve been wanting to get deep into this game since I piked it up over 3 years ago, but everytime I tried to play it I had huge ui and main menu issues. This I believe is due to a resolution setting glitch in the game . Also I was always plagued by the clunky combat system I think I got it once but then when I went back to the game I struggled with it.

I hope the rework to the combat system is more intuitive keybind wise as well as more fun and enjoyable.

It’s super hard to find a decent scifi mmorpg , espically one that has a good player housing and crafting system. I hope you all the best and I look forward to trying out the game once those issues I mentioned above have been resolved. This game has great potential but the combat system needs huge help.

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As someone who started backing this project six years ago, I’m curious why you’d want to get deep into a game that’s so early (feature- and polish-wise) in its development. To me that sounds like setting yourself up for disappointment. Obviously, it’s useful for the developers to get good feedback, but identifying bugs and suggesting viable improvements is exhausting and not at all fun.

I’m interested in seeing what happens with the game, but I’m personally going to hold off getting back in until massive structure crafting, city-building, and independent factions elements are significantly updated. I’d love some new character animations too.

Sarrene Grant

I am glad and excited to get this update out. However, I do not want to mislead players into thinking that there is a lot more completed in this update compared to what is actually done and what they will see.

First there is a list of what was changed and updated under the “What has been done so far” section of the article. This outlines the major changes and what areas we have rebuilt. These are two areas: Plymouth Control Center (NOT the new starter island) and Ghetti Gorge, which is connected to PCC. We have not done or pushed any additional area revamps.

Second, the only system that has had any major changes to are to the Combat system. We have updated the base combat mechanics, Targeting, Interactions and Line of Sight issues that players had.

Though several systems are being worked on and designed based on the current systems, players will NOT see these changes as they are not finished and implemented in the game for this update. These other systems that are outlined in the “A brief overview of some of the work done this year” is just that, an overview of the actual work that we have been doing that is all behind the scenes to include planning and documentation.

These systems that we had to reverse engineer are in the planning and design stage as it is stated in the article. As these systems listed are tested on both internal test servers and live test servers by the play testers will then be announced and pushed to live in systematic updates.


so basically don’t jump in yet. thank you for the integrity here!