The Repopulation’s long-awaited update is arriving December 18

A wreck of our ambition

Yes, you’re getting an update to game mechanics in The Repopulation for this holiday season. And that’s the true meaning of Christmas, patches for The Repopulation. It makes more sense now than when the holiday started being celebrated. Especially when you consider that it feels as if this patch has been waiting for half of forever, but it’s finally arriving on December 18th, meaning that everyone can see how the game has changed under the control of Idea Fabrik.

So what has actually changed? The game’s combat system has seen extensive overhauls, for one thing. Several performance issues have also been addressed, in-game areas have been rebuilt, and everything from crafting to faction mechanics have been updated. It’s a pretty big re-evaluation of the game, which is why the plans for the first quarter of 2019 chiefly revolve around finding and fixing any issues related to this update. But it’s finally arriving, and you can see how it worked out for yourself on December 18th.

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