Torchlight Frontiers recaps the progress of its second alpha test

I still love you, robot.

The second alpha forĀ Torchlight Frontiers has guttered to a close, and it turns out that the players involved were fools of the highest order because they showed all their love to the Dusk Mage and not to the Forged. Why would players not be willing to embrace the glory of clanking robots? The developers aren’t actually sure yet, so it’s one of the many bits of information from the second alpha that is currently be examined closely. There has to be a reason, after all.

Of course, the fact that the developers can start wondering why players chose one character option over the other is a sign of how much information there is to pick apart. This includes tuning issues once players pass item level 17, improving quality-of-life features, and providing more interesting and detailed help text for attributes and abilities. Check out the full recap to see what has been learned; while there’s no firm date for the next test phase, development seems to be humming along quite nicely.

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