Trove’s Crystal Combat update arrives on PC tomorrow, delays on consoles

There's a primal dark might here.

For a moment, at least, Trove players can put aside the fears of the past couple months with the Gamigo acquisition to enjoy a nice pre-holiday content update to their favorite colorful sandbox. The Crystal Combat update, also known as U10, is landing in the game tomorrow, and that should give players plenty to do while taking time off of work or school the next couple of weeks.

Gamigo says the Crystal Combat update adds a new biome with three different maps based on it (Cerise Sandsea, Hollow Dunes, and Weathered Wasteland), plus two additional stats (light and dark, though the only ones players will see is light), new five-star dungeons, crystal rarity on gear, and a pair of new dragons. And players will discover some significant changes to the game’s gem system, complete with plenty of RNG and time-gating and reasons to buy stuff from the cash shop: “A few highlights include: removing the cracking mechanic so Gems will never break when upgrading; a new Gem Augment called Contained Chaos Flare; an all-new Gem type called Cosmic Gems!”

Unfortunately, the team has decided to separate the PC and console release of this patch, with the later having to wait for a few weeks into the new year. “Getting through the ongoing transition AND getting the update finalized for all platforms before mid-December wasn’t one of the options, unfortunately,” said the game’s community manager.

Source: Trove

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