Crowfall releases patch 5.8, the first campaign patch, without the first campaign

It's fine.

Good news, Crowfall fans, the long-awaited patch for the game’s first real campaign releases today! Except it does so without the actual just-referenced first real campaign; instead, the patch has hit the live servers without a “sanctioned” campaign that actually provides rewards and works like a campaign world and all of that. Which makes this the first real pre-first campaign patch, presumably. It might change a font somewhere.

That’s a joke, obviously; there are lots of quality-of-life and system improvements in patch 5.8, and the reason for releasing it to the live (well, alpha) servers first is to test for any lingering issues before pulling the trigger on the first full campaign. So the good news is that you’ll be able to enjoy the aforementioned quality-of-life improvements now before the full campaign starts up, but the bad news is… having to wait for the first real campaign a bit longer. That’s actually implied by the good news.

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