Black Desert: The Archer awakens, Grandpa Cron arrives, and Xbox One preorders are set for January 7


Life is moving fast for the new archer of Black Desert Online. It feels like only yesterday that the new class was sniping its way into the game, and now it’s already getting its ascension to the ranks of awakened classes! No more stumbling about asleep while firing arrows. (Yes, we know that’s not what “awakening” means in this context; it’s just funny to think of somnambulism being co-morbid with archery.)

This is particularly fortuitous when you remember that being much better at shooting arrows is the true meaning of Christmas, since the patch will also bring in BDO’s winter festivities. Some of the winter events will be on a time delay, since some don’t kick off until December 26th, but the patch contains the lot of them. So you’ll be dashing through the snow while firing off enough arrows to darken the sky. What more could you ask for? Bug fixes? Those are there, too! It’s a holiday miracle.

“Like every holiday season, Grandpa Cron will soar through the sky with his fully stocked flying sled to drop special gifts to all the good people in Black Desert Online (actually he doesn’t care if players have been good or not). Gifts include Rudolf Headband, Santa’s Hat, Elion’s Tear and he even drops Christmas trees so players can decorate their houses. Players can also participate in building a snowman together to receive even more rewards such as Grandpa Cron’s Gift x1, Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1, and Hard Black Crystal Shard. On Christmas, the Night Vendor Patrigio will sell Cron Boxes which includes enchanted accessories, JIN Magic Crystals, and other valuable items.”

In other BDO news, Xbox One preorders will begin on January 7th.

“Pearl Abyss announced today that Black Desert, the new open-world fantasy action MMORPG coming soon to Xbox One, will be available to pre-order on the Microsoft Store starting Jan 7th, 2019. Following in the success of Black Desert Online’s 10+ million registered users on PC, Black Desert will feature a new story line, remastered graphics/audio, and an optimized UI created for console play. Black Desert boasts next-generation visuals with 4K HDR support, skill-based, real-time combat, and unprecedented detail in character creation. As the first major MMORPG release of 2019, Black Desert aims to deliver the genre-defining experience on a console.”


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The idea of an archer class as well as the actual archer model had me re-installing BDO to give it another try. Alas, I was almost immediately reminded that BDO likes attack combos and somehow expects you to remember them after having you try them twice. This is bad for someone like myself who’s first instinct is button mashing. It was then I also found out that archer isn’t a ranged class, as your basic attacks involve uppercuts and leg sweeps. I’m not sure where Legolas here got his combat training from Ken and Ryu.

All said, BDO is an incredibly beautiful game, but its just not my thing yet. :/


Having played the Archer up to 59 (and every other class to at least 56) the Archer is a ranged kit. It certainly has melee abilities but they certainly aren’t his main focus. All but one is locked on my character for example. Drawing the conclusion it’s another melee class based on the scant useless melee attacks it has (that do a fraction of the damage his main ranged attacks do) is like saying the Musa is a ranged class because he has a few bow shots despite 90% of his abilities being melee. It just isn’t quite right. Sucks you didn’t enjoy it either way.


Pretty happy I waited to buy an outfit. This second one looks so much better.

Now if I could only stay connected to the game long enough to dye it through all the DDOS attacks.

Speaking of DDOS attacks, the big news this week was the introduction of the permanent weapon coupon swaps. Coming in at a staggering $30 per weapon (that’s $90 for a full swap) as well as the re-introduction of numerous other cash shop features previously removed at launch (IE: Selling energy potions) good old Pearl Abyss is in full on panic mode when it comes to their cash shop. It probably has something to do with their dwindling PC performance for Q3, almost like adding full P2W in their game with costume melting was poorly received and people who used to spend hundreds of dollars on their game aren’t doing that anymore as a result.