Blizzard rolls out Diablo III season, Hearthstone balance update, and WoW hotfixes as WoW players game for charity

Sparks will fly.

There’s been a lot going on at Blizzard lately: Diablo III has just begun its latest season, the Season of Grandeur, during which all seasonal characters will benefit from the legendary poewr of the Ring of Royal Grandeur, reducing the number of set items needed to trigger set bonuses by one. In addition to allowing players to toy with set bonuses in new ways, the season also introduces new cosmetic rewards, new seasonal conquests, and more.

Meanwhile, Hearthstone recently received a balance update “focused on improving the long-term health of both Standard and Wild” formats. Druid staples Wild Growth and Nourish have both had their mana costs increased by one, as has Level Up. Sauronite Chain Gang, meanwhile, has had its card text reworked to make its interaction with the Shudderwock card slightly less overwhelming. Lastly, Leeching Poison’s lifesteal effect now lasts only one turn rather than providing the buff permanently, which should “address some of the power level issues with Kingsbane Rogue’s late game.”

And of course, Blizzard’s golden child World of Warcraft has gotten some love in the wake of the Tides of Vengeance release, largely in the form of hotfixes meant to remedy some bugs and other issues. The list of changes is far too extensive and varied to summarize here, but if you’re interested to know exactly what’s been hotfixed, Blizzard has compiled all of the changes into a handy list over at World of Warcraft’s official site.

Finally, WoW players are proving why the warm fuzzies tag needs to exist with the Icecrown Challenge charity event.

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