Final Fantasy XIV updates its patch site with new haircuts and the next trial

The hour is nearly here.

The next patch for Final Fantasy XIV is arriving in early 2019, and you can check out more of the features of that patch on the official site for patch 4.5 right now. That starts with a preview of the fight against Seiryu; the last of the Four Lords is the very model of an auspicious snake, which means players will need to contend with not only the auspice himself but his minions. (Which will probably be serpentine, you know.)

Players can also learn a bit of their new custom delivery target, the pig-masked Adkiragh who runs The Hard Place in Idyllshire. (Yes, you can dress him up at the highest rank.) There are also previews of new hairstyles, both of which appear to mirror the styles of Alma and Ramza from Return to Ivalice, and new emotes arriving in the patch. No doubt we’ll learn more of these inclusions with the live letter taking previewing the patch tomorrow; until then, please enjoy speculative footage of the Seiryu fight.

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I keep telling myself I’ll try out the game, but it’s so daunting: 1) I don’t know a single person that plays it. 2) Don’t know how much it will cost me to actually buy all of the stuff needed (i played it for 2 weeks on release) 3) Just plain scared to change :)

Are there pickup groups going often like in WoW? How hard will it be to find a guild to run things with? Is the community pretty friendly, or are they elitist?

blahlbinoa .

The game is super active. It’s hard to find a FC (Free Company, like a WoW guild) if you just ask for it. I would do some research online about server numbers, some are not as full as others, and some you just can’t get in at the moment like Balmung.
It shouldn’t cost too much, there usually is a sale on for the expansions, but I think they are rather cheap if you buy them separately. Just playing through the main story will get you all the gear needed until you get to end game, and even then there are many ways to get yourself geared up, I feel it’s better than WoW’s BfA catch up mechanics. It’s a good time to jump on if you are an Final Fantasy fan and want to start up, you will find people if you go looking!

Vincent Clark

The hype for tomorrow’s live letter is real. Looking forward to the trailer for 4.5!

Toy Clown

Nothing excites me more in reading FFXIV patch notes than coming across new furniture or hairstyles. :)


Esthetics IS the true endgame.