Gloria Victis updates to be more festive amidst the clanging of steel

ho ho ho

Amidst the devastation and frenzy of combat in the hardscrabble world of Gloria Victis, you can unlock the greatest reward by having a festive-looking campfire. That’s the true meaning of Christmas. And it can be yours by completing a new quest unlocking a skin for your campfire, which will necessitate your sword arm to help Santa Claus retrieve lost presents.

Players can also unlock a new skin for the Bloomery, which comes as a result of taking place in one the new in-game events allowing you to obtain mid-tier and high-tier items as additional rewards for the season. That’s on top of the usual slew of bug fixes and performance upgrades accompanying any patch, so players should feel that much better about hacking their way through other warriors for that all-important festive campfire. If you want to hum “Jingle Bells” as you use that fire to warm up, we shan’t stop you.


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