Ankama introduces massive content updates to Wakfu and Dofus


The folks at French studio Ankama Games have been hard at work, and they’ve recently released major updates for their flagship MMOs Wakfu and Dofus. In Wakfu, update 1.62 has brought a massive overhaul to the game’s nations. As previewed earlier this year, the overhaul aims to make exploration and advancement within the game world simpler and more rewarding by reducing the overall surface area of the nations, making content more concentrated and providing a clearer progression path through the game.

Meanwhile, in Dofus, update 2.49 recently went live, introducing the sixth and final titular artifact, the Ebony Dofus, to the game. This dofus is “known to sow chaos and discord,” so players would do well to keep it out of the hands of those who would use it for evil. In addition, the update also opens the doors of the Well of Infinite Dreams, “an infinite dungeon of increasing difficulty, where the sequence of rooms and composition of monster groups are always random.” Delving into this dreamy dungeon will grant players a variety of rewards, including new smithmagic runes as well as resources that can be used to craft powerful legendary items. For a peek at what awaits in the new Wakfu and Dofus updates, be sure to check out the trailers just below.


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Tried Dofus quite a while ago – impressive amount of depth and content for a small production and a crafting system that isnt just a hobby, it actually matters. Strategic turn based combat too