Crowfall muses on lessons learned from first test campaigns


Earlier this week, Crowfall began its first ever proper campaigns, allowing players to fight it out in a three-faction brawl for survival and control of the Dying Worlds. In the latest blog update from ArtCraft Entertainment, the devs talk about the lessons they’ve learned from the first run of the campaigns. Of course, the devs have gathered a lot of technical data about server performance and all that jazz, but that’s not particularly exciting business.

More interestingly, the post says that in the next test campaigns, the devs will be addressing resource scarcity and balance. In addition, they’re looking to make some changes to the way victory point scoring is handled: Right now, they believe that scoring relies too heavily on outposts, “which can be flipped at any time with a relatively small number of players.” And on a related note, the devs are going to be looking at ways to even out point disparities to prevent early runaway leads resulting in surefire victories. If you want to check out all the details on these changes — as well as the many others that will be implemented in the upcoming test campaigns — you can read the full post for yourself on the game’s official site.

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As someone who was in the earliest testing, gray scale combat testing. I feel the game has gone backwards in the fun factor since then. The skillcap on combat is fairly low.

It looks to have extensive build customization though.

But as someone who backed CF from day one with one of the larger KS packages, im just not feeling the project anymore with the direction it has taken. It was originally billed as a hardcore PVP throne war, but its more like farmcraft.

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These crowdfunded projects waste so much time blathering away about nothing. Shit or get off the pot for Christ’s sake.

flamethekid .

the games already going dude
the article is just reporting about what has been found out from the first campaign and what needs to be tweaked

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Other projects do waste the same time, but you don’t know it as they don’t publish it. And you can always ignore it, flip a coin to decide or wait till live to see whether you are right or wrong; but it would be a bit too late.

Ben Stone

Probably because they owe the backers some updates on what their money is being spent on? You know, like normal games do with the shareholders / financial backers.