No Man’s Sky multiplayer finally hits beta for GOG players


No Man’s Sky took its place in the hierarchy of multiplayer titles – even MMOs, one might argue – this year with the addition of its 1.5 update, dubbed NEXT, which brought the “full multiplayer experience” to a game that once intimidated it would launch that way (but did not). Unfortunately, players who’d bought the game on Good Old Games soon realized they’d been left out in the cold, as multiplayer for the game on that platform wasn’t ready, leading GOG to offer refunds at its own cost when Hello Games would not.

If you’re a GOG customer who stayed loyal because of that and didn’t go for your refund, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s paying off, as No Man’s Sky multiplayer is finally hitting beta for GOG players.

“We’re happy to let you know the multiplayer mode for No Man’s Sky on GOG.COM has entered beta. It’s available now via GOG Galaxy on the Experimental Multiplayer beta branch and will be rolling out to everyone soon. If you’d like to start playing NMS multiplayer in beta right now, first you need to be signed up to beta branches in GOG Galaxy. To do that, once you have the game installed on your machine, and added to Galaxy, select it from the side-bar on the left. Then click on MORE -> Settings, and look for the BETA CHANNELS setting in the top-right corner. To enable beta branches change this setting to ON.”

Of course, NMS has already had another major content update since then! Check out more of our coverage of No Man’s Sky from this year:

Source: GOG

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