World of Warships adds new campaigns and Belle Époque ships for Christmas

Christmas has come to World of Warships with its latest update, which includes Belle Époque ships collection, the Mighty Prinz Campaign for folks who own the Prinz Eitel Friedrich battleship, the Snowflakes event, and a buyable campaign dubbed Steel Monsters. Oh, and Santa. What is Santa doing in World of Warships? Best not think about any of this too hard.

“Just in time for the Holidays, Santa has shipped some special gifts for players on his nice list! First, there’s a new in-game event, dubbed In the Name of His Highness. A series of challenges and missions await players, with an ultimate prize of obtaining a brand new German Premium Tier VI battleship — the Prinz Eitel Friedrich! Additionally, Santa has prepared Containers with awesome unlockables. Just for logging in and heading to their ports, players unlock two free Santa Claus Containers. After that, these festive holiday Containers are earned for completing Missions. Santa Claus Containers offers recipients a chance to unlock rare premium ships, flags, ship camouflages, and more.”

Patch 0.7.12 is already live on the official servers.

Source: Press release, official site

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