The Daily Grind: What trivial MMO grievances will you air for Festivus?

Like this deli. Not only this deli.

Friends, it is December 23rd, and that means that it is the traditional date of Festivus! My wife and I celebrate Festivus every year, which includes the traditional meal of red meat, presents that gently poke fun at the other person, and perhaps most importantly the airing of grievances. It’s not a moment for us to yell at one another; rather, it’s a time for us to vent about the little things, the stuff that just bothers the hell out of us or has been weighing on our mind for the past year. It’s very cathartic.

Now, it is entirely possible that your home does not have the orthodox aluminum pole or the traditional decorations (grocery bags that you should have thrown away two days ago and takeout menus). But you can still enjoy this year’s Festivus celebration with today’s airing of grievances. What trivial MMO grievances will you air here? Go forth, and remember that the goal is trivial issues, not personal attacks; past that, anything is fair game!

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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Robert Mann

My grievance is this: We still have people pushing the “Every game for me!” thing. Stop that already. What are we, four years old?

If I had to pick a second, it would be (also yet again) with developers and publishers for making game after game with the same design choices. Hello, there’s not all that much more money for X sub-genre #450,000. Have a little fun, get a little creative, and do things well. No need to be the exact same thing with different graphics! You’ll do better without that baggage!

Okay, so those aren’t really so trivial… but the other grievances I have are less trivial. So these are as close as we are getting right now!

Maggie May

Yay I got Schlagged, or um Redbutt got Schlagged … He’s in his hole looking at the snow and eating cake!


Let’s run down the list:
– The continued deterioration of Guild Wars 2’s story
– Cash shop options that are per character and not per account
– The MMOverse’s continued fascination with pissing off Edna Mode
– No, seriously, no capes unless you’re Superman or Batman
– A lack of good modern day / near future MMO with GW2/FFXIV levels of fashion endgame
– I mean, SWL comes close, but dammit I’m a Templar I need more professional options
– Game stats that aren’t just ‘bigger is better’ with the true values hidden behind layers of complicated black boxes
– Give me something more like NWN or DDO


This is like Christmas and the spirit of giving…when you can give 364 other days of the year as well. (365 for Leap years!) That is, I can air my grievances every other day as well, don’t need the one day to do it. >.<


ANet still doesn’t have tiered raiding, and Power Reaper is still not part of the Raiding Mets

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Schlag Sweetleaf

I miss the ability to post in the old threads of MassivelyOP.

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My grievance list (yes its a list don’t judge :P )
1. This years MMO’s were mundane and bland
2. This year was pro action combat and Battle Royale two things I detest.
3. The ability to wear helms and hoods and still have hair is still largely an MMO myth.
4. Lockboxes are still being excused when they and their sellers should be shamed for even having thought about them let alone implemented them.
5. We still had games this year that could not understand why people would be upset by not including female characters..i mean WOW (not the game, the statement).
6. We still had MMO’s this year that were hellbent on shoving PVP and Group centric activities down our throats as if soloers were not the actual majority of game players. It really should NOT be coming as news to developers that people prefer choice not the absence of choice or choices they make for us. Indeed that we hate.
7. Customers Supports in the MMO industry still largely sucking balls in quality and competence, or maybe it is just standards everywhere are not what I am used to, but really MMO industry you CAN do a lot better.
8. No real Innovations that stood out in terms of features or content this year it was largely just a year of treading water sadly.
9. Still a large number of companies pushing out broken or unfinished games as a saleable Pre Order purchaseable product, which is just shameful.

Those were my main gripes and points of contention for this year off the top of my head. 2018 was definitely the year of singleplayer games in terms of real standouts for me. The MMO genre this year was as noted above just largely treading water I felt. I look forward to them dazzling me with mind blowing, heart racing exciting offering in 2019….please :)

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I completely disagree with your point numbe…number…ummmm…

I think I agree with every point you made.


This year has been the year of the grievances, hasn’t it? They have come home to roost. Heh.

But I have one more. One more that is starting to behave like acid reflux in that it comes one goes.

The emergence of the “influencers”.

Nothing new, you say? Maybe not, but now they are growing like weeds.

At least before they were hidden. It was a stealth thing, and most creators shied away from it for fear of losing viewers. Heh. Not anymore.

Popular content creators are getting paid, err, I mean sponsored, by devs to shill their wares. But wait! It’s ok! They aren’t paid actors! They are “influencers”!

Such bullshit is rare. I’d like to meet the marketing exec that came up with the term, “influencer”. No really. Well played, well played…

Creators still claim they have integrity, but there are signs that they are now moving away from their own personal views and preferences to paid views and preferences.

And it is sad. A slow burn. Acid indigestion after a good meal.

Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

Yeap, most obvious on YT (stuff like “hey, you should protect your phone with this Dbrand skin!” or “hey, look at how good this game’s story is and everyone who pays attention to things like billions of bugs and exploits are just haters!”) but also on Twitch. Kind of sad seeing all of my past favorite streamers growing larger and then getting offers from game developers to play their games and pretend that they like it… Although I would probably do the same if I were in their place ;-)

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damn right we would. the smart people have to realize how fleeting this all must be.


-all those mounts I own but never ride in WoW-

Dread Quixadhal

So, hey there, Bob the town leatherworker. I went out into the forest to kill 913 boars, because you said you really needed some boar butt leather for… reasons.

*drops a huge pile of bleeding skins on the table*

Now you’re saying I have to go kill Piggus the Boar Lord, who’s been blah blah blah….

*drops 13 heads of Piggus the Boar Lord on the table*

No, it’s right in front of you. I killed him 13 times while collecting your regular butt cheeks. Seriously, stop saying he’s a threat… several of his severed heads are right there, bleeding on your carpet.

I just wish MMO’s would track everything you did and adapt their silly quests accordingly. If I already did whatever the quest wants, the guy should just go “Oh, you did that? OK, have some candy.”