Final Fantasy XIV promises this year’s Heavensturn will boar you


It’s just about time for Final Fantasy XIV’s annual new year celebration, and this year is going to be a real boar. It’s going hog-wild. See, it’s the year of the boar, so that means the annual festivities will include a festive new oink-hat for everyone who takes part in the ramp-up quests. Haven’t you always wanted a hat with an adorable little baby boar on it? You get exactly that with the new Inoshishi Kabuto awarded by this quest line.

Players can also pick up a new housing item or grab some other unspecified items from the event vendor, a little extra way to celebrate the new year. Stop by the plaza in Limsa Lominsa starting on December 31st if you want to get yourself the swiniest possible kabuto for future glamour purposes; the event runs until January 15th, so you’ll have plenty of time to pick up your hat.

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