Massively OP’s 2018 Blooper Awards: Most times back from the dead


Massively OP’s not-so-serious end-of-the-year awards continue today with our blooper award for most times back from the dead. And the winner is…


You would think that a game that was so broken it tanked a whole company and coined the term “flagshipped” would just die once and never be spoken of again except in hushed tones by scholars. But you’d be wrong. This game will not die. Its current handlers have brought it back over and over in different incarnations for different audiences and platforms. Most recently, it got a rez this past November with minimal content, no co-op, and a $12.99 pricetag.

The bummer is the game was actually fun in spite of its bugs. But you don’t need to buy it 10 times to find that out. Please don’t buy this again.

Want to nominate another winner? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to check out our serious MMO awards while you’re at it.


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Heh, I can’t argue with that. At this point I don’t think it will ever die. There will always be some permutation of the damn thing waiting in the wings until a better tomorrow. Lol!


Hellgate is a good choice. Another one would be Darkfall as it also seems to be in a perpetual cycle.

Nemui Byakko

ELOA, of course )


I think that Karos Online game had many deaths too

Bruno Brito

I’m extremely interested in playing Hellgate, simply because i’m a sucker for playing old games. But i won’t spend a dime on it. Either i find a free version or a pserver.

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I didn’t buy it again the most recent steam launch of the single player version was my one and only purchase of this game. Its ok for what it is even if its a bit clunky and awkward at times. Still there is some fun to be had out of it so it can’t be all bad.

I expect that is the reason this game refuses to die at its core its quite fun. I guess its a bit of a shame that is wasn’t better supported in terms of finance and resources as the potential was certainly there.

I am sure I will put more time into it at some point as I seen notifications for patches so at least the game is getting a bit of support at least for now.

Oleg Chebeneev

WoW. I wish I had a penny every time Ive heard how WoW died and how another WoW killer would put a final nail in its coffin. Nope. This m-fker just wont die.

Jaymes Buckman

It’s like an exponentiated Mark Twain of gaming.

John Mynard

Being a World of Warcraft player, I don’t particularly relish the idea of WoW dying.

But, having said that, WoW was and is too big to die on its own given proper management and tendering. But Blizzard, or more accurately, Activision has decided that it’s long past time for them to start milking that particular cow until it dries up. All in pursuit of some mythical rate of ‘growth’, when anyone who’s been paying attention will tell you WoW’s days of ‘growth’ are behind it, but with proper care, it can be a stable workhorse providing a reliable rate of return on investment.

But the shitshow that BFA has been basically since release and a Game Director with the personality of a tree with as much demonstrable interest in the game or the, for lack of a better term, world of fans, artists, and creators that has grown up around it over the past 15 years is…well it beggars description.


Feels a bit out of topic since the topic isnt for self proclaimed WoW killers but games that got most times back from the dead.

Putting aside that, I think its a bad game design mentallity to want to completely copy another game and fit it on your theme. From like 2007 to like 2012 or so most games released were either going to be WoW-Killers or LoL-Killers. That made every game feel like playing almost same with different theme driving a lot of gamers out of the genre out of boredom.

Companies failed to realise apart from matching WoW’s quality there they had to offer more, cause the players played WoW a while already and were INVESTED so they wouldnt just leave it to play close to SAME gameplay with different theme and worse quality.

Today situation is a bit different. WoW’s model gotten old and took a wrong direction same time leaving a lot people unhappy. Only reason it still maintains numbers is exactly people dont want their years of work on it.

That said blizzard has all the resources, not only to turn it around, but set the market on fire again. All they need is the will to do so. I am confident it will happen soon – if not in 2019, it will be 2020.