Uncharted Waters Online sails into Steam’s port


Age of Sail sandbox Uncharted Waters Online cast its lines, lowered the plank, and boarded Steam this month in an effort to stay noticed, relevant, and seaworthy.

The free-to-play title arrived on Steam back on December 19th along with a leveling event to get new captains up to speed. You still have a few days to take advantage of these XP buffs, by the way, since the event ends on January 2nd.

Uncharted Waters Online originally released back in 2004 as part of a long-running nautical RPG series. The title was taken over by Papaya Play, which relaunched it back in 2017. Right now, Papaya is running a contest right now to see if players can guess the next “Age” that is coming to the game in 2019.

Source: Steam. Thanks Drelkag!
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Had a lot of fun when I tried out this game a couple years ago. Tutorial is slow and boring but after it things take off. While being a sandbox on its core, it also offers some of the best naval fights in a mmorpg as well.


I had a lot of fun with UWO back in the day. That was around 4 publishers or so back. One of them ended up losing my account when they swapped over and I didn’t want to restart so that was that. Hopefully everyone has their accounts intact this time around. Good luck to those who still play.