Dungeon Runners is ‘reborn’ as a fan emulator that’s coming in 2019


Anyone remember Dungeon Runners? NCsoft’s quirky action-MMORPG never was a massive hit, but it did garner its fair share of loyal followers. The game, which launched back in 2007, was shuttered back on New Year’s Day in 2010 and has remained as such… at least until now.

Those loyal followers we mentioned are doing their best to bring back this decade-plus-old MMO as Dungeon Runners Reborn. This emulator emerged last week, so it still looks like the whole project is in its early stage and will require a measure of patience. Plus, there’s a reasonable concern that NCsoft might take notice and try to get it shut down.

There isn’t a lot of news about the details or timeline for this emulator, other than that it is supposed to come to PC in early 2019.┬áThe volunteer team said that Dungeon Runners Reborn will be free forever, with no monetization, loot crates, cash shops, or microtransactions.

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