MIA Online goes into no-wipe open beta on Android


If your name is Mia and you’ve been waiting your entire life to get the recognition you felt you deserved, then today is your… what? This isn’t about Mia Online but rather MIA Online? Can’t we at least pretend for all of the Mias out there?

Guess not.

In any case, MIA Online is making a splash on mobile with its debut on Google Play (don’t worry, App Store is coming soon). The open world MMORPG features six classes, rather attractive graphics, a nation warring system, flight, and open world player killing! Don’t worry, the last only happens in designated zones to keep the murderous sociopaths away from the rest of us.

Over 157,000 people have pre-registered for the game, with the Android version going into a non-wipe open beta back on December 14th. There are extra rewards for both pre-registering and for certain threshholds of pre-registrations, which has turned this whole event into a total numbers game.


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*Update after “playing” it*

There are only Asian servers right now. It’s in English, and there is a spot for American servers to be listed, but none of them are there yet.

The game basically plays itself. You click the quest, your character runs off to where they need to be, kills stuff or collects stuff on their own, and runs back on their own. The entire first half of the game is basically clicking the quest notes box and letting it do everything else on its own. Even for dungeons, you basically click the quest box and it does everything else on its own.

Only the first part of the game is PvE. Once you get to a certain level, the game is Open PvP and others can invade your nation and you can invade theirs. I seemed to be in a nation that had a higher population and won all the wars, so I didn’t get to see how it felt to be bullied that much or how a lot of that goes. There are still dungeons and things to do where you don’t have to worry about PvP, but the majority of the game is about it. You’ll play about 2-3 hours as a PvE player before you run into the PvP parts probably.

The company running the game feels, like many running these mobile games do, that the PvP conflict drives people to spend money.

You don’t see it when first playing, but the more you level up the more stuff opens up in the Cash Shop to draw for. They keep adding more stuff to draw as you level up, equipment, boost materials, cards that directly affect your character’s strength. It’s definitely one of those games where the one who spends the most money beats the other people. Absolutely pay to win.

It’s also one of those games that seems to open up a new server every week.

The story isn’t original or interesting, they copied Lord of the Rings and just changed the names of the characters. They have the exact characters and monsters from LotR just with different names stuck on them.

I don’t see a lot here that interests me. If you’re into pay to win nation vs nation PvP games, then maybe you’ll really enjoy it. The nation stuff would be cool, the problem is that the person who spends the most money is the most powerful, so it’s not that fun to partake in unless you’re going to whale it or don’t mind being a punching bag.


157k is a woefully low number for mobile pre-registration. Though I watch the pre-reg section of Google Play pretty closely and never did see this one, so maybe it just wasn’t being found as easy as others.

While I’ll reserve judgment until playing, my eye can’t help but catch that “auto” button there on the play screen. Now there are different levels of autoplay which aren’t always bad, but normally in games that have an auto system, most people playing them end up choosing to use them. Sure, you don’t have to, but when it plays as well or better as you would otherwise and is a built-in part of the game it’s often hard not to.

That and most games that have an auto button mean that there is a lot of repeat grinding over and over of the same levels. It gets put there so you don’t get horribly bored and burnt out doing the same stuff again and again.

There are a few really cool MMORPGs on mobile, but this looks like the general mobile autoplay game we have a billion of and not one of those cool ones. I know I know, I should play before condemning it, I am saying it “looks like” and not that it is :D

That doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had here, but watch your wallet. There are very few mobile MMORPGs that aren’t full of lockboxes.

Games of this type normally force PvP on you in order to really sell the pay to win aspect, and this one seems no different. I’m looking at the reviews and it turns open PvP at level 36 and people are saying how it’s just gank city after that. I’m going to install it anyway to verify that’s the case but there are a great many reviews pointing that out.

At first glance this looks like a hard pass, though if you’re like me you’ll be testing that out to make sure.

Indigo Salma

Well if you guys want it on PC you can always install NOX.


How can they operate without copyright problems? You fight against a Balrog (1:1 copy from the movie), On the Bounty Hunt map you have the Saurons Tower and his Eye. The bosses are 1:1 copies of orcs and wraith of the LotR and Hobbit movies.
The rest is bland standard mix of fantasy tropes.

There is nothing special – all in all a bland game with stolen art assets from LotR. ^^


I see their description is about collecting rings from bosses :D Though stolen art assets would mean they lifted them directly from another game or person who made them. Making their own version of the idea is copying but not stealing assets. Do you see another game they actually stole the assets from or something? Or do you just mean because they copied LotR stuff?


They “just” copied.
The boss images or the tower on the map.

Kickstarter Donor

Welp sure, why not. Giving it a download.


Mamma MIA Mamma MIA here we go………

Bryan Correll

I don’t want to go Missing In Action…


A Melodist? Oh Mia! o.O