Atlas promises players that things will be better in the new year

Sure, great, thanks.

It’s been kind of a mess thus far, but Atlas is sailing into the new year after kicking off early access in 2018. The team behind the game has thanked players for taking the journey with them so far (you know, for all of the short span of time anyone has known the game existed after its surprise announcement) while promising that 2019 will produce more fixes and improvements to make the game everything that it can be.

Among the steps in this direction is a minor patch that will now allow anyone to demolish shipwrecks to reclaim resources, along with NPC trading ships returning to the waters. There are plans to focus heavily on server stability and connection issues while also patching up bugs and balance problems, so look forward to continued course corrections for the next few weeks. There’s also a new set of maps tracking territory control on the game’s servers, if that’s of interest to you.

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