Ashes of Creation snaps up another Daybreak dev, this time from H1Z1 Just Survive


Daybreak’s loss is Ashes of Creation’s gain. Again.

Intrepid Studio’s habit of roping in former developers from SOE and Daybreak continues, as former H1Z1: Just Survive technical director Mitch Evans announced that he is joining the Ashes of Creation team as a senior gameplay engineer.

“I’ve accepted a position at Intrepid Studios, Inc., starting early February 2019. I had a long run with SOE/Daybreak, and am extremely proud of the games I worked on there over the past 12 years,” said Evans on December 29th.

Just Survive was sunsetted while in beta back in October of last year. Daybreak has since been whittling down its studio size, most notably with a large round of layoffs for its Austin studio in early December.

Source: Twitter. Thanks Wieland!

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That doesn’t bode well for Ashes. Most of Daybreak’s releases over the last five years were dumpster fires. And Intrepid wants to hire these guys that put together that garbage…

Easy Rider
Easy Rider

Great news! Mitch Evans is an experienced engineer and I believe he will help to make Ashes of Creations.

Bruno Brito

Not fond of poaching, but…hey it’s Daybreak.

Craig Christensen

He wasn’t poached. He lost his job at DBG when they shut down the game he worked on.

Jeremy Barnes

So they picked up someone familiar with making your game into an MMO…

A Dad Supreme

Good for him to get work.

I’m just sorry that they hired someone with a PvP focus/background as the feather in their resume for a game I’m interested in primarily for PvE.

Choices like this make the game less appealing to me.

Neiloch Fyrestarter
Neiloch Fyrestarter

Thats debatable. Just Survive was the most PvE focused half the game, even half the servers they had up were PvE only. The games he was on before were EverQuest, Clone Wars and Free Realms and before those Gauntlet at Midway.

Honestly as worried as I am about AoC this is a good thing for its overall ‘pve focus’ imo.


So stoked that these people are getting work! Daybreak lays off a ton of people and then sells lifetime subs instead of selling lifetime subs to maybe get to keep people on through the holidays.

They’ll never see a penny of my money again.


Glad to hear he has work.


They lost so many MMORPG devs since 2015, i doubt they will ever do a MMORPG again.