City of Titans shows off its landmarks and moguls

Be here now.

In theĀ City of Titans environment system, the buildings are divided between two separate yet equally important groups: The landmarks that serve as designer-created places of interest, and the moguls that are backer-generated structures for everyone to enjoy. These are their stories. Or, more specifically, this is a look at the work being done on both the landmarks and the mogul locations at the current stage of development, which is now moving from focusing on the former to the latter. So don’t be too fretful about the whole missing of the game’s original 2018 target dates for Issue 0, perhaps.

The team had been focusing on landmarks first simply because those were the important spots that the developers already knew the details of, places that needed to fit into the city structure and environments on a fundamental level. Mogul locations are also under development, and some of them are already available to show off in their early test renders. It’s a peek at what the city as a whole will look like as development moves forward; check out the whole rundown for plenty of lore on all the locales spread through the city.

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