Final Fantasy XIV prepares for patch 4.5 and shows off group pose improvements

But how bad are we talking, here?

Patch 4.5 approaches quickly for Final Fantasy XIV players, landing on January 8th, but there’s more to the patch than just having new dungeons and story quests. For example, there’s the joy of posing. Yes, the group pose function is making getting great screenshots even easier, starting by allowing you to use the camera when under statuses like transformation and even being knocked out. Although you should still make sure that you’re safe before using the camera, as otherwise your screenshot of “ha, look, I got turned into an otter!” will end with you saying “oh, look, now I can take a screenshot while knocked out.”

Players will also be able to manually adjust the focus on pictures with finer depth of field adjustments, change emotes in mid-picture, and avoid accidentally clicking out of the interface via a confirmation dialogue. Of course, this will not necessarily allow you to access all of the prettiness on display in the latest batch of pre-patch screenshots just below (you cannot take screenshots as a boss, for example), but those are more just attractive pictures.