Final Fantasy XIV posts the patch notes for patch 4.5, A Requiem for Heroes

The hour is nearly here.

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV will have to deal with not playing the game today, as maintenance extends throughout today and into tomorrow. But you can take the time before the release of patch 4.5 to read through the always-extensive patch notes, with the obvious caveat that these are only the notes for the first part of the patch. That includes the rundown of the new dungeons, trials, and alliance raids, as well as the details on Blue Mage which will be available in one week’s time.

Blue Mage is the game’s first (and current only) limited job, disallowed from entering duty roulettes and most instanced content without a preformed party. They are also not used to progress the main scenario; think of the job more like a gatherer scooping up monster skills. There are also new furnishings, new attractions and rewards in the Gold Saucer, new custom deliveries, and various other balance adjustments, all of which can be checked out in the full patch notes. It’s been years, we all know by now how extensive these notes are.

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*props up feet, reads patch notes, finds mahjong section*

* You can play at NPC tables while waiting for the Duty Finder.

Welp, looks I’m taking up near permanent residence in the Gold Saucer.


What’s interesting is they’re going to have an ELO/MMR system as well for ranked play. Kind of get the feeling PvP Mahjong will teeter off and become a niche thing much like regular PvP or the other GS minigames, but it’s nice how much they put into this stuff for those who want to invest time into it.