Star Conflict’s Rise of Giants update introduces new PvE campaign, reworks PvE mission structure


The latest update to Gaijin Entertainment’s free-to-play spaceship battle game Star Conflict is live, and it’s brought with it a slew of new PvE content, including a new co-op story campaign and a rework of the game’s PvE mission structure. The star feature of the update, titled Rise of Giants, is the addition of a brand-new co-op campaign called The Price of Trust, which “sees players challenged with the rescue of an Ellydium Corporation Dreadnought . . . from the claws of fierce pirates.” The mission’s plot will develop based on player decisions, with one of the possible narrative arcs “eventually resulting in an epic face-off with an enemy dreadnought.”

On top of that, the update also reworks the game’s PvE mission structure, which now divides missions into two major types: UMC Missions, which are “varying PvE scenarios with a scaling difficulty level offered by the in-game Unified Mercenary Center” and which yield insignias that players can spend to improve their fleets, and Deadly Challenges, described as “high-difficulty, high-yield missions which require a powerful fleet and well-coordinated teamwork.” And last, but not least, players can now get behind the wheel (or joystick, or whatever instruments they use in the far future) of the new Ellydium Ze’Ta destroyer, which utilizes an “alien crystalline substance” that allows it to create swarms of drones that can be ordered to attack enemies or used as a defensive shield. For all the details on the new patch, be sure to check out the official announcement video below.

Source: Press Release

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They rework PvE campaign every six months and it’s still does not work most of the time. Just like PvE missions where you just wipe endlessly. It look like whole concept was borrowed from time sink raids of MMORPGs from past decade.