Closers Online’s fearsome foes add another to their number with Nitocris Rises


It’s typical to be excited when a new class or playable character is added to an MMO, but what about when a big boss comes to town? Closers proves that this can hold its own appeal, as the arcade MMO¬†introduced Nitocris to its villain roster on Monday. Nitocris joins the daily rotation of foes, emerging to fight on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays starting this week.

The update also gave players a chance to earn Luna’s Dark Command costume and engage in a pair of events that are themed around Nitocris. There’s a 10-day attendance reward event with some helpful items and a crafting events that get you a Bunny Bun hat. And other rewards, but really, you should be all about the Bunny Bun hat.

Bunny Bun hat.

Source: Patch notes

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