TERA releases the Valkyrie class on console, opens the Demon’s Wheel dungeon

Jump around?

Not content to wait around to ferry the fallen to Valhalla, the Valkyrie has arrived in TERA‘s console version today. bringing players a new, fast-paced damage-dealing class with which to dominate the battlefield. To make sure that Xbox One and PS4 players have the opportunity to try out this new Castanic-only class, En Masse Entertainment is granting all players who log in after today’s maintenance and before Tuesday, January 29th, a free additional character slot.

In addition to the new class, today’s update also brings with it the new Demon’s Wheel dungeon, which will see players facing off against devilish, dice-tossing demon Demoros, as well as the introduction of the new bone dragon mounts. And last, but not least, since the Valkyrie is a Castanic-exclusive class, the devs have updated the Castanic Garment Bag “to include all sorts of terrific outfits,” which one would have thought it did already, but hey, maybe they’re more terrific now, or something. Anyway, you can find all the details about today’s update over at the game’s official site.

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Jack Pipsam

Gotta’ get fishing in there.


Oh great! more half naked gender locked classes…

Tuor of Gondolin

It’s too bad, but I guess she’d have a hard time fighting while wearing nothing at all…