Atlas’ latest patch is finally live, adding Claim Flag settings and making poop-eating lethal


Late last night, the latest patch for Grapeshot Games’s survival-focused MMO Atlas¬†finally went live after a multi-day delay, bringing with it a pretty monumental list of additions, changes, and tweaks. The most prominent feature of this patch is the addition of new settings for Claim Flags, allowing players to determine which companies or players can build within the claimed territory. It’s worth noting, however, that although players can go ahead and alter their Claim Flag settings right now, they won’t actually do anything until tomorrow, January 10th, after a separate server update makes the settings active.

Beyond that, the game also received a number of more general changes, ranging from the fairly vague “server performance improvements” to an increase to the number of trade ships players will find out on the high seas. Farming has been rebalanced “to be easier,” allowing players to pipe water uphill, making region requirements for growing specific crops “more forgiving,” and increasing the speed at which crops grow as well as the amount of resources they yield. Oh, and eating poop will now result in instant death. So, you know, maybe don’t do that. For the full details on the latest Atlas patch, be sure to check out the detailed patch notes on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes
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