Lord of the Rings Online introduces new raid in Update 23.2, going live today


Today, Lord of the Rings Online is deploying its latest patch, Update 23.2, which is expected to go live by around noon Eastern time. The update brings with it a handful of the usual tweaks and changes, but the highlight of the patch is the addition of a brand-new raid, The Anvil of Winterstith.

In the raid, which is scheduled to open at 10:00 a.m. ET on Thursday, January 10th, players will “venture into the lair of an ancient frost dragon to prevent Karazgar, the Weeping Warrior, from adding the massive Frost-horde to his host.” The raid will initially be available in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 difficulties, with the extra-challenging Tier 3 difficulty unlocking “in about a month.”

On top of that, new Ironfold quests have been added to the game, providing some new content for players who have reached level 120 and completed the previous Ironfold quest, The Lord of Iron. In addition, there have been a few changes to various class features and abilities, and Class Trait points have been capped at 92 points “for now,” though it’s worth noting that the maximum players can currently earn is 91, so players shouldn’t notice a difference. For the full details on LotRO’s Update 23.2, you can find the detailed patch notes over on the game’s forums.

Source: Patch Notes
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