No, Funcom is not losing the Conan IP, but it did just invest in a Portuguese studio


Earlier this week, Marvel’s website released a post positively crowing about the “return” of Conan to the ubiquitous superhero label. “Gather ’round, followers of Conan, those of you who revel in the exploits of blood and flesh!” it reads. “A new era has begun, as the Cimmerian who would become king of Aquilonia has returned to the vaunted halls of the House of Ideas!”

While Marvel never directly says it’s just talking about the IP in relation to comics, that is the only product discussed on the post. Nevertheless, to dispel any fears that the move might portend Marvel clawing back the IP from outside developers – something we’ve already seen happen within our genre in recent memory – we reached out to Funcom to clarify. Here’s what the Funcom spokesperson told us:

“Correct, this is related to the comic books and has no impact on the gaming side of the IP.”

So no need to fret there; Conan Exiles, Age of Conan, and the company’s future Conan games won’t be affected.

In other Funcom business news, the company apparently picked up a controlling stake (50.1%) in freelance studio Zona Paradoxal. As Gamasutra notes, Funcom has already worked with the Portuguese studio on several of its newer projects and “claims the deal will help lower development costs while giving it access to the growing talent pool in Portugal and Spain.”

Source: Funcom, Marvel, Gamasutra. Cheers to Kinya!
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