Rangers of Oblivion brings monster-hunting action to mobile devices


The kill-and-craft subgenre of action-RPG pioneered by Capcom’s Monster Hunter series has achieved great popularity as of late, thanks in large part to Monster Hunter: World and indie darling Dauntless, and now it appears that NetEase and Yoozoo Games are looking to expand the genre to mobile platforms with Rangers of Oblivion. In the game, players take on the role of the titular rangers, who are charged with defending the land of Malheim from savage creatures — and of course using those creatures’ parts to craft new armor and weapons.

Gameplay footage of the upcoming title shows a clear Monster Hunter influence, with groups of four players wielding a variety of different weapons squaring off against massive monsters. The footage also shows off a variety of non-combat activities in which players will be able to take part, such as fishing and horse-taming. Rangers of Oblivion is slated to launch on Android and iOS on January 14th, but in the meantime, you can check out the latest gameplay trailers just below.

Source: TouchArcade

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Dragon Project is an okay free to play Monster Hunter clone on Android and iOS:



It’s not terribly terrific or anything, this upcoming game looks a lot better. But it’s okay.

There are some other Monster Hunter clones here and there too, there are so many games that they’re not that well known. If you go poking hard enough you can find them (which I don’t feel like doing at the moment, but Dragon Project I already had in my mind).


Rangers of Oblivion is going to be my new mid-2000’s Scandinavian power metal band.